Erastil is the god of the Old World. There is no single unified Church of Erastil, but there are many churches and temples throughout the world dedicated to Erastil or and more commonly, to his saints.

In Blackbay, despite Dagon's popularity, Erastil is actually slightly more popular among the denizens. Erastil's lay followers, however, are often accepting of Dagon into their spiritual realm, almost as another saint. As an unofficial religion in Blackbay, the temples and churches to Erastil are often smaller and less influential than the Church of Dagon, though by no means entirely suppressed.

Saints Edit

It is common for saints to be worshiped regionally and for any given person to worship different saints for different needs. Clerics of Erastil usually follow the teachings of a specific saint, though there are clerics who follow teachings, themes, and domains that are not specific to a single saint.

Saint Akoni Edit

Lawful Good
Glory, Good, Water
Favored weapon

Akoni was a cleric of Erastil who is said to have traveled the world on his ship, seeking out evil wherever it appeared. In art and song, his arrival is often referred to as a tide that would sweep in and wash away the evil in the land. The stories of his adventures serve to preserve his popularity.

Saint Sabilius Edit

Lawful Neutral
Community, Law, Protection, Sun
Favored weapon

Titled The Protector, Saint Sabilius is known as the protector of towns and villages, and as a keeper of order. Popular during times uncertainty and threat to communities, and on frontiers.