You can find the full list of races here , with complete descriptions and mechanics provided in the Advanced Race Guide (provided upon request). Any race not listed here could be accepted if you have a really cool character concept. Also, if you want to create your own race, we can work something out.

Core Races (Relatively common in populated areas)Edit

  • Dwarves
  • Elves
  • Gnomes (Get underestimated a lot due to their stature)
  • Half-Elves (Only Elves care about the distinction)
  • Half-Orcs (Disliked by many, mostly used as goons or manual labor)
  • Halflings
  • Humans

Uncommon Races (Since uncommon, will have roleplay implications)Edit

  • Aasimar (Humans with celestial or outsider bloodline)
  • Dhampir (Vampire. Sunblock doesn't exist yet, so consult your local prophet for UV predictions)
  • Fetchling (Humans originating from the Shadow Plane)
  • Gillmen (Humans with gills and webbed feet)
  • Ifrits (Humans with ancestry touched by fire elementals)
  • Kitsune (Anthromorphic fox that can shapeshift into human form)
  • Oreads (Humans with ancestry touched by earth elementals)
  • Samsarans (Humanoids with the power of reincarnation. They remember their past lives)
  • Sylphs (Humans with ancestry touched by air elementals)
  • Tiefling (Show me you want to be a nice person and I'll look beyond the whole demonspawn thing)
  • Undines (Humans with ancestry touched by water elementals)