Here are all the requirements for making a character in this campaign.

  1. Your character must have an interesting name or nickname. Whichever one people are likely to use must be easy to pronounce. This is to prevent people from referring to each other by their player name or class. (e.g. "Hey thief, go pick that lock!")
  2. The character must have a core motivation, whether brought on by an event in their past and/or a future goal. Why are they going on this adventure? What do they want to do with their lives? These can be resolved early on and/or can change, as long as they have one. Characters whose motivation is only described as "have left home to seek a life of adventure" will find said adventure in the form of a horrifying death.
  3. The character must have a backstory. It doesn't need to be elaborate. As long as it falls in line with the character's motivation and is something we can build on over time, that's fine. However, additional effort put into a character's backstory might be rewarded with skill points that reflect those events.
  4. No fundamentally evil or antagonistic characters. You are certainly encouraged to create nuanced characters, but absolutely evil characters don't play well with others. Also, if you want your character to have some reason to dislike another character in the party, you can explore that for roleplaying purposes but only if the other player agrees to it.
  5. Ideally, all character information (including the character sheet and all the above content) should be submitted to Adam before the game session in which it will be used. This will speed things up, as well as give the noob DM a chance to review relevant rules/skills/spells as well as what kind of character content I have to work with.
  6. Don't make a character that fills a role 'because the party needs one'. That isn't a fun job to have in the long run and isn't necessary if people play properly. So, no full healers or lock/trap rogues unless you actually want to.
    1. Full healers are usually detrimental to a party because incoming damage often outpaces your healing ability, meaning it's more important for you to kill damage dealers than to heal for them. Since alchemy is in full swing in this setting, buy some friggin potions or make your own.
    2. Lock/Trap rogues aren't crucial because most early locked things can be broken into and by the time you face life-threatening traps, one of your casters will be able to dispel magic on it.
  7. Attributes are assigned on a 15 point buy.
  8. Initial gold allotment is class average.